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The Family


Grew up on a dude and guest ranch training horses and teaching people how to fall in love with these beings. When the children were born in the city she realized how much they needed country life. Then a sassy little Arabian horse walked into her life and a new horse property was bought. 

The longer Emily is around horses and people the more she has realized how much she loves these creatures and just as much how she loves teaching people about her love for them. 



Sutton grew up wild and free in the woods of Wisconsin. He grew up with horses that tolerated all a young boy could throw at them and created his love for horses. He is learning and teaching the western disciplines.

The Wild W's

W1 is 8 and helps mom train the horses and preps all the broke horses get ready for inexperienced riders. 

W2 is 7 and helps keep all the horses looking their best with lots of brushing and treat giving. She is stretching Emily by wanting to learn Dressage and making her step out of her comfort zone. 

W3 is 4 and helps me with desensitizing the horses by making sure he is always running and screaming around them. He normally has a puppy or two in tow and the they are a force to be reckoned with. 

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