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The Family


The heart of Emily's story starts as a young girl whose families business ignited a lifelong passion. From a tender age, she found herself drawn to the graceful, powerful creatures our ranch revolved around. 

With the vast expanse of the family dude and guest ranch as her playground, she spent countless hours observing the horses, enchanted by their freedom and raw beauty. She saw not just their physical forms, but also the stories written in the way they moved, communicated, and navigated their world. These horses were not merely animals; they were living embodiments of the untamed essence she felt coursing through her own veins.

Her first mustang came in 2020 and the rest is history. 


The Wild W's

The reason for all that we do is the wild children and the belief that children grow best under the sun while being fed a steady diet of wild adventures and baby animals. Nothing makes us happier than the children embodying the free spirit of the land they call home.

Teaching the children to navigate the wilderness with a raw, intuitive wisdom, nurturing a profound understanding of both the land and its majestic inhabitants is our highest joy. 

Our Wild W 1 is 10 and helps train the horses and preps all the broke horses for inexperienced riders. 

Wild W 2 is 8 and helps keep all the horses looking their best with lots of brushing and treat giving. She is also becoming quite the horsewoman and can often be found on Dakota 

Wild W 3 is 6 and helps with desensitizing the horses by making sure he is always running and screaming around them. He normally has a puppy in tow and they are a force to be reckoned with. 

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