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The Resident Horses-
The rest of the family

These are the horses that live here and will be her for a long time to come. They are the partners in crime, the ones that serve in our lesson programs, the ones that hold us in pain and in joy. These are the reason we do any of the other training projects and have a passion for training and pairing horses with the right families. 


Zab deserves to be started with because he is the one that started it all. He was gifted to us while Emily was going through cancer as a therapy pony. He was 2 and had forgotten any manner he had ever learned. He was sassy, still a stud and really thought he knew best. 

He is now one of my main lesson horses. He is fun and spunky and loves kids. Its like he understands what a special gift he gets to carry around. 

Zab is 4, a Bay and a full blooded Arabian. Arabians are one of the oldest horse breeds. They are smart, have a lot of energy and are very loyal to their people. They come from the middle east were they were originally bred for wars and long distance travel in the desert. Zab knows nothing of war, or really of working hard for that manner but he is certain that treats are the best. 


We saw Comanche come through a kill pen in the middle of December. Sutton had been talking about how much he wanted a paint so when I saw him I impulse bought him. Merry Christmas babe!

Comanche has a lip tattoo which normally indicates that they have raced in their life. Although a racing paint is not typical we were able to use his lip tattoo to hunt down his breeder who did race him as a 2 year old.  The racing world, where the horses are kept penned up in stalls and then brought out to run and run and run can be hard on certain horse personalities. Comanche is one that didn't tolerate that world well and has a lot of anxiety. He has weird little quirks, and due to his anxiety I did not know if he would survive when I first picked him up. He was starved, sick and anxious. 

He is now nursed back to health, a giant puppy dog that needs frequent hugs and encouragement and will work super hard and look really pretty for you if you just give him the encouragement that he needs. He is also teaching Emily how to ride dressage and is a very patient teacher. 

Comanche is a registered paint horse but when you look at how tall and thin he is you can tell that he has a lot of thoroughbred type influence in his line. He is a Sorrel color with a tobiano pattern.


Dakota came from some very loving people that didn't know much about horses. He had an eye infection and a hoof infection when he first came to the ranch. He was fearful and unsure but more kind and willing  than I would ever expect out of a horse that felt as bad as he did. He is now showing just what an amazing horse he is and being ever so patient with kids lessons. W3 has now claimed him as "his boy."

He has a reining build meaning he was likely bred to work cattle. He has worked cattle a few times with us and is a complete natural. He can also teach beginner lessons. 

Dakota is a Paint horse just like Comanche. He has much more Quarter horse influence in his line than Comanche which you can tell by his build. His color is a Dun horse with that great dark line down his back and he is a Overo paint pattern. He also has a lot of pink skin which can be the curse of the paint. It is un-pigmented meaning he is prone to sunburns and requires lots of high maintenance sunscreen applications and sun visors. 


Edward is a white mini mule. A mule is a horse and donkey mix. Edward is to small to ride but he gets lots of brushing and participates in the Horse 101 class for the smaller kids. 

He can normally be found stealing something important, opening a gate that should be shut, untying a horse that should be tied or running away from someone that is trying to catch him. 

He makes up for all the mischief with his adorable looks. 

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