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Horse 101

This is where I require all my riders to start. It is a small group class that covers the horse anatomy, attitudes, myths and truths about the horse as well as grooming. This is a non riding class.

1.5 hour class $15 per student

5 students per class 

Your Horse 101

This class is more geared towards someone who already bought a horse or is thinking about buying a horse.

We will cover the ins and outs of horse care including feeding, everyday care, vet care and the basic training of your horse. 

This is a non riding class and demonstrations will be done on my horses. 

1.5 hour class $20 per student

5 Students per class

Horse 102

This class builds on 101 and begins to cover riding the horse and the tack. Basics of riding and history of the different styles of riding are covered. This is a non riding class

1.5 hour class $15 per student

5 Students per class

Horse training 101

We will begin to cover training your own horse. How to read your horse, how to ask your horse how to  do something and setting appropriate expectations with your horse. 

This class will be broad and attempts to teach you how to approach teaching and how to find your own training style. 

1.5 hour class $20 per student

5 students per class

Riding lessons

After a student has completed 101 and 102 individual or small 2 person group western riding lessons are possible. These will build as the rider builds

1 hour lessons $60

Training consults

I no longer bring horses in for training but this consultation is meant to be an external helper watching you and your horse and helping you develop a training plan for your own horse. 



$60 per hour 

All the fun disclaimers.

First, horses are inherently dangerous. There will be classic waivers to sign before every class. 

The horse classes would be great for the kiddos that have never been around a horse or are younger. I can make these classes for any age though. If you are an adult that would like to learn about horses we can do adult classes. We go much more in depth for adults. These classes are catered to the people in my class and are very interactive. Because we are limited on size due to barn size and stress on horses the classes will be limited to 1 parent per child unless parents are paying to learn too and all siblings will count as a learner. (So mom, dad and 4 kids would make up an entire class) 

These classes would also be great for children with special needs. Please contact me if you have special needs and would like to do one. I will make special arrangements. 

Because my training herd is actually pretty small all kids must take the beginning classes first. If I do not feel like your kiddo will fit with my horses I will refer you somewhere else. This is for the sake of the rider. If you match a rider with a horse that doesn't fit it you risk scaring/boring a rider forever. 

Training classes will go over a broad range of techniques and theories. We will cover positive/negative reinforcement, probably talk about the old cowboys and developing training plans for your own horse. These will not be bring your own horse. The one on one consult is bring your own horse. 

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